Why Choose NTwinkle Media?

NTwinkle Media helps you build your brand on social media through the right mode of storytelling. Social media is built for communities to socialize and flourish. This can only be achieved through human connections. People connect through conversations and stories that are told in the right way and with the right tone. Putting out content that can help society grow or solve its problems on a consistent basis. This is our core philosophy while building social media programmes or campaigns. This is the solution we provide for your social media marketing.



We are about 4 years old in social media management. Neha Rawal founded Ntwinkle Media after almost 13 years of her stint in financial services and banking. Our services are based on the concept of partnering with you on your successful digital brand building. We use a combination of in-house and freelancer specialists for various services that become part of the execution of tailor-made strategies. Different businesses need different social media content strategies, based on which we use various skill sets of expertise to design and amalgamate across domains.

Our Clientele

We have helped businesses in Financial services, Dog industry, Engineering, B2B, Quiz company, Gaming-sports, Education schools and colleges, health and fitness and more to increase their reach, presence of brand and connections with their audience on social media